1. How do I apply for JCM Scheme?
    You can propose your project using PIN (Project Idea Note) form. For further information, please check this link : propose a project
  2. We don’t have any Indonesia/Japanese partner yet. Can we apply as JCM Scheme Project candidates?
    You can send the PIN to Secretariat without filled in the Japanese/Indonesian Partner. Indonesia JCM Secretariat will send your PIN to the Government of Japan to be announced via Japanese JCM Website which expected to help the project finding a partner.
  3. Is only Japanese-owned company can be a partner for Indonesian Side in JCM Scheme?
    Until now, the participation under JCM Scheme is open for consortium between Indonesia and Japan legal entities. You can involve other companies as long as the main partner is Japanese owned company which can be either the technology/system providers or the emission reduction calculation methodology providers.
  4. Is carbon credits from JCM Scheme can be traded with Japan? How much is the price of the carbon credit from JCM scheme?
    Until now, the carbon credits which achived by JCM Project has not had any price and not tradable neither bilaterally nor multilaterally.
  5. How about the ownership of the carbon credits from JCM activities?
    The ownership of carbon credits from JCM activities carried out by private entities will be shared and registered in carbon registry owned by each two government.