Third Party Entities

TPE are selected by the project participants to validate and/or verify their PDD and/or emission reductions. To become a TPE, a validation and verification body should have the following requirements / eligibility:

  • Candidate entities are either:
    (a) Accredited under ISO 14065; or
    (b) Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) under the UNFCCC CDM
  • Candidate entities have sufficient knowledge of the JCM between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan by reading and knowing all applicable rules and guidelines of the JCM.

Eligible entities can apply as TPE for JCM in each host country separately. Candidate entity submit application form and related document as stated in Guideline for TPE to JCM Secretariat of Japan ( and Indonesia ( )

For validation and verification bodies who have not met the eligibility are able to be provisionally designated TPE by the Joint Committee if a candidate is currently has made a formal application for the accreditation under ISO 14065 based on ISO 14062 to an accreditation body and the accreditation body has started its accreditation process for the candidate as stated in Para 41 (a) and (b) of the Guideline for TPE. The Joint Committee can only provisionally designate two Indonesian entities and two Japanese entities every year.

Below is the list of JCM Third Party Entities.