[CLOSED] - Public Comment on Proposed Methodology ID_PM035 "Installation of all-electric injection molding machine with power regeneration"

Below is the proposed methodology which has been submitted to Joint Committee Indonesia and Japan on 26 August 2020. Secretariat has done the completeness check towards the proposed methodology and has been considered as complete. Secretariat has publicized the proposed methodology which is open for public comment in accordance with the provision on para 1.4.3 in The Joint Crediting Mechanism Project Cycle Procedure [pdf]

Proposed Methodology : ID_PM035

Proposed Methodology Title : Installation of all-electric injection molding machine with power regeneration
Methodology Proponent : Tokyo Century Corporation
Proposed Methodology Document & Additional Information :

Proposed Methodology [PDF]

Proposed Methodology Sheet [Excel]

Additional Information [PDF]

All Stakeholders are invited to provide their comments on the proposed methodology to the following both two e-mail addresses : id-pm-pi@jcm.go.jp dan secretariat@jcmindonesia.com only in English, including the following information :

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*Notes : The Secretariat makes all received comments publicly available.  

**This public comment period is open from 3 September 2020 to 17 September 2020

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