Propose a Project

The JCM between Indonesia and Japan offers an opportunity for all Indonesian and Japanese entities to propose activities in the forms of feasibility study (FS) or project. Indonesian entities with interest in registering their activities under the JCM may start by conducting Feasibility Study (FS) in cooperation with Japanese partner entities

Activity proposals may be submitted using the JCM Project Idea Note (PIN) format which can be downloaded below. The PIN shall be sent to The PIN format shall be filled in English.

Some aspects to be considered in proposing an FS or project are:

  • The activities proposed in the feasibility study (FS) or project are greenhouse gas emissions reduction activities in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, forestry, land use control, and others covered in the sectoral scope of the JCM
  • The activities are carried out in the Republic of Indonesia territory
  • The greenhouse gas emission reductions from the activities can be measured, reported, and verified through methodologies approved by the JCM between Indonesia and Japan
  • The activities are carried out through cooperation between Indonesian institutions (may include corporations, foundations, local government, etc.) and Japanese institutions using state-of-the-art and proven technology. When an Indonesian institution has an initiative but does not have Japanese partners yet, the Indonesia JCM Secretariat may consider to inform the proposed initiative to the Government of Japan to be disseminated to the Japanese institutions (including companies) whom may be interested
  • Activity proposers are willing to obey the Indonesian and international laws and regulations (especially the environmental law).

Download the PIN Format

PIN Format for JCM Feasibility Study (MS Word Format) 

PIN Format for JCM Projects (MS Word Format)


For Further References : JCM Rules & Guidelines