ID016 Installation of Tribrid System to mobile communication’s Base Transceiver Stations in Republic of Indonesia

Project Title Installation of Tribrid System to mobile communication’s Base Transceiver Stations in Republic of Indonesia
Ref No. ID016


Monitoring Plan


Project Participants (Indonesia) PT XL Axiata Tbk.
Project Participants (Japan) KDDI Corporation
Third Party Entities TPE-ID-003 Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Location of Project

Country: Republic of Indonesia
Region/State/Province etc: Java island, Sumatra island, Riau islands, and Kalimantan island
City/Town/Community etc: 1. Pulau Putri, Jakarta; 2. Pulau Pantara, Jakarta; 3. Gunung Kramaian, South Kalimantan; 4. Perdau, East Kalimantan; 5. Matamanis, East Kalimantan; 6. Sei Mayang, East Kalimantan; 7. Muara Lesan, East Kalimantan; 8. Kota Bangun Empat, East Kalimantan; 9. Gunung Kuku, East Kalimantan; 10. Pulau Galang Baru, Batam Island; 11. Pantai Pasir Panjang, Batam Island; 12. Galang Baru Tengah, Batam Island; 13. Sungsang, South Sumatera; 14. Karanganyar2, South Sumatera; 15. Bukit Barapung, Central Sumatera; 16. HUT Tanah Merah, Central Sumatera; 17. Tirta Agung Mangsang, Central Sumatera; 18. Gunung Sari Kampar, Central Sumatera; 19. Kulim2, Central Sumatera; 20. Sukamakmur Kampar Kiri, Central Sumatera
Latitude, longitude:

The exact location (latitude, longitude) of the BTS cannot be disclosed in order to ensure the security of telecommunication.

Duration Starting date of project operation: 01 Jan 18
Expected operational lifetime of project: 10 years
Methodology No.


Emission Reductions (tCO2e)

Estimated emission reductions in each year (tCO2) : 

  • - (in 2013)
  • - (in 2014)
  • - (in 2015)
  • - (in 2016)
  • - (in 2017)
  • 352 (in 2018)
  • 363 (in 2019)
  • 363 (in 2020)
status Project Registered
Public comment

28 Feb 18 - 29 Mar 18

Registration Registration Form
Validation Report (PDF)
Completeness Check Complete on 30 April 2018
Registration Date 10 July 2018



Monitoring Period 01 Jan 18 - 31 Dec 18
Monitoring Report Monitoring Report [PDF]
Issuance request state

Verification report 


Date of JC decision on notification: 10 January 2020
Total amount of credits to be issued: 146

Notified amount of credits to be issued: 30

JCM-ID-016-01-01-ID-0019621 - JCM-ID-016-01-01-ID-0019650

Date of issuance: 15 January 2020

Notified amount of credits to be issued: 116


Date of issuance: 17 January 2020