Joint Committee

Joint Committee of Indonesia Side : 

Ferry Ardiyanto (Co-Chair of Joint Committee Indonesia - Japan)
Assistant Deputy Minister for Multilateral Economic Cooperation
Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs

Ignatius Wahyu Marjaka
Director of Sectoral and Regional Resource Mobilization
Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Director for the Environment
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

Dida Gardera
Assistant Deputy Minister for Agro, Pharmacy, and Tourism
Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs

Hari Prabowo
Director for Economic Development and Environment
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dian Lestari
Head of Policy Center for Climate Change and Financing and Multilateral
Ministry of Finance

Andriyah Feby Misna
Director of Various New Energy and Renewable Energy
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Herman Supriadi
Head of Centre for Green Industry
Ministry of Industry



Joint Committee of Japan Side:

Mr. Kazuhiko SHIMIZU (Interim Co-Chair of Joint Committee Indonesia - Japan)
Embassy of Japan in Indonesia

Mr. Kazuhiko SHIMIZU
Embassy of Japan in Indonesia

Second Secretary for Forestry, Fishery, and Nature Conservation
Embassy of Japan in Indonesia

Mr. Junichiro OTAKA
Director, Climate Change Division, International Cooperation Bureau
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Toshiaki NAGATA
Director, Global Environment Partnership Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

Mr. Kazuhisa KOAKUTSU
Director for International Negotiations, Office of Market Mechanisms, Global Environment Bureau
Ministry of Environment Japan

Mr. Takashi YAMAZAKI
Director, International Forestry Cooperation Office
Forestry Agency