Call for Proposal on City to City Collaboration Feasibility Study by MOEJ in JFY2018

Ministry of the Environment Japan (MOEJ) is calling for "City to City Collaboration JCM Feasibility Study proposals for the Fiscal Year 2018

This scheme encourages GHG emissions reduction activities on the city and regional scale and realizes a low carbon society by utilizing inter-city corporation between Japanese and Indonesian local government. Japanese local governments, research institutes, private companies and universities are co-operate and adjust the advanced low carbon technologies and systems to fit the local conditions to establish sustainable operation and maintenance systems in Indonesia. The agenda is set as follows: 

Start call for request : February-16, 2018
Deadine for entities to submit their application : March-09,2018
Planned date of selecting FS :  March-29,2018

Please also send project information using Project Idea Note format to refer to :